1. ExPonksBakery
    Rose Cock

  2. Band of the Brabes 3: Ameri Con Carne

  3. Nice Meme V: The Autism Strikes Back

  4. The Secret Codes of C.D.L.S.

  5. No

  6. Lame Kangaroo
    "R. Joey B."

  7. Cold Steel No Love 4

  8. Inky Inky Cummies

  9. Preeschool Dropout
    Rose Cock

  10. The Doncamatic Pt. 2
    SAD❌ッimir Lenin

  11. Places I Got My But Kick and By Who

  12. Trumplestiltskin

  13. Poopoopeeepee

  14. Undertale 2 (Un)Official Soundtrack
    Rose Cock

  15. Best of Solo Albums

  16. Bitch On the Dick Fuck

  17. Georgia 2 Georgia
    Ginger n' Gadget

  18. Live @ Splatfest

  19. good kid, m.A.A.d train

  20. Cold Steel No Love 3

  21. Samoan Shit Eater
    Rose Cock

  22. Nice Meme IV: 1980

  23. Holo's Shit Jug 2: Designated Shitting Jug

  24. More Than Two Pilots
    Rose Cock

  25. Bottomless Text
    Fidel Ca$hfl0w

  26. Jamel Gets Fired from Picking Cotton Pt. 2

  27. 50 Reasons to Listen to Ponk's Bakery

  28. Harambe's Epic Harsh Noise Synthpop Album 2007
    Rose Cock

  29. Vapour Park 4 | Future / Tremorton 2073

  30. Honk's Bakery 2: Electric Fuck You

  31. The Autism Store
    Rose Cock

  32. Vapour Park 3
    Fidel Ca$hfl0w

  33. The Best, The Best, The Best, The Best of Ponk's Bakery

  34. Cold Steel No Love 2

  35. Niggas In the Cluster
    Rose Cock

  36. Crippling Depression Inc.

  37. Wakeman Death
    Rose Cock

  38. More Than Two
    Fidel Ca$hl0w

  39. Band of the Brabes 2; Race War Preserves

  40. Manic pixie dream tarantula.

  41. Weebs Die; Windowman Laughs

  42. ✪Supersonic✪Shitposting✪
    Ginger 'n Gadget

  43. Nice Meme III

  44. Floridada Man Makes Generic Indie Pop Album
    Rusemaster Joey B.

  45. Trap Mask Raplica

  46. 슬픈 아시아 소년/I'm Sorry

  47. Sadboys 1966

  48. Deaf Grips

  49. Honk's Bakery

  50. Vapour Park v1.2
    Fidel Ca$hfl0w

  51. Future/Tremorton 2072 アルバム

  52. My Life as a Teenage Robots Lover (A Dramatic Reading)

  53. Solo Albums Were a Mistake

  54. An Average Day in FL Studio

  55. Terrorism
    The Flaming Tips

  56. Fresh Memes from the Land Down Under
    Rusemaster Joey B.

  57. Band of the Brabes

  58. Cold Steel No Love

  59. When the Wah So Wah Wha'd It Makes You Wah
    Rusemaster Joey B.

  60. Spent the Last Hour Looking at Memes...
    Rusemaster Joey B.

  61. Ponk's Bakery Was a Mistake
    Yung Mushr00m

  62. We're Out of Ideas

  63. Ferguson State of Mind

  64. Nice Meme II


  66. Vapor Park

  67. Our Lives as Teenage Shitposters

  68. Our Record Company Made Us Do This (A Ponk's Bakery Christmas)

  69. Nasheed of Dank

  70. Happening

  71. The Goyim Will Never Know

  72. Nice Meme

  73. What the Fuck is This Shit?

  74. Holo's Shit Jug

  75. SandwichRapist Showered in Front of Me, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

  76. Cocksuckers

  77. MandoPony is the Best Artist of All Time

  78. Niggers and Jews

  79. Anus
    Finchi Burd


Ponk's Bakery

The premier Progressive Pisscore act, Ponk's Bakery has touched the hearts of less than 100 people (that still makes us hip and underground) with their technique called "Abstract Screaming". From the cacophony of loud nigra to the amazing mashups, and heaps of pure unfiltered irony to boot, Ponk's Bakery is sure to please the ears of any well trained musician. In the words of Loud Nigra: AAAAAAAAA ... more

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